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Press Release to Share About ‘Leadership Principles’

Especially for Gen Y (born 1980-1999), the course serves as the first of three in a series addressing the development of Generation Y leadership. Find out what it takes to become an effective leader. Discover your style of leadership. Discuss task completion, building relationships with your subordinates, becoming socially perceptive to changes in the workplace, […]

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What to do in February!

March and April Big Now’s the best time of year to promote UGotClass. March and April are two of the three months with the biggest registrations each year. Email Past Participants The easiest way for you to make money is to tell past UGotClass participants to take another certificate or course. February and March are […]

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Time to Gear Up for Big February Session!

With three sessions and monthly course offerings from February through the summer, now is the best time of the year to promote UGotClass. 1. Get our certificates into your next print brochures. 2. Integrate our courses into your regular in-person offerings in both your print brochure and your website. 3. Post as many of our […]

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Promote UGotClass to Business in January – By Stephanie Bowlin

January is the best month to promote UGotClass certificates to businesses and other large organizations. There are two primary ways to market specifically to local business and organizations. The first is through current students who are employees of that company. You already have a connection with the student, and they’ve had a good experience with […]

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Lumens Integration Announced

UGotClass will be integrated into the Lumens business software system, it was jointly announced at the big LERN conference in Orlando during the opening session, LERN President William A. Draves noted, “I want to thank Augusoft founder Cem Erdem for his leadership on this.  And I want to thank all of the Lumens users who […]

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You Hit Another Record for Year!

You Hit Another Record for Year! 2015 Will Be Even Better! Data Analysis Hot! Our new Certificate in Data Analysis is both new and hot. It rose to be our most popular certificate in less than a year. John Rutledge, above, teaches the first course. Our Courses Superior LERN members say our courses are superior […]

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UGotClass has another record year.

Year ends with another record

The year ended with yet another registration record for UGotClass, with November registrations setting a new record for the month. It was the 8th consecutive monthly record for UGotClass. New classes premiering this month included Marketing eBooks, The Flipped Classroom, Lean Six Sigma and more.

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2014 LERN Annual Conference

New for 2015 to be announced at LERN Annual Conference

We’ll have more great news to announce about UGotClass at the LERN conference in Orlando. -Come visit Leslie and Zech at the UGotClass booth. -If you are not yet a Partner, we have a suite session for you. -If you are a Partner, come to the Partner briefing in the LERN Suite Saturday from 3 […]

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UGotClass 2015 Catalog

New 2015 catalog out this month

The 2015 UGotClass Catalog with all the Certificates and Courses will be distributed at the big LERN conference in Orlando. Others will be mailed out afterwards to LERN members. If you want to get the catalog, just email zech at

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