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What To Do In February

1. Get our hottest certificates into your next print brochures for the rest of 2016. 2. Integrate your UGotClass offerings into your regular in-person subject categories in both your print brochure and your website. 3. Post as many of our certificates and courses on your website as possible. 4. Make sure to have online registration […]

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Tips From A Top Partner

Tips From A Top Partner

Here are the top tips from our Top Partner for UGotClass this past year. Tom Parfitt and Christina Draper both worked on promoting UGotClass at the University of Richmond School of Professional and Continuing Studies this past year. The University of Richmond was so successful with UGotClass they had over 200 registrations and made $25,000. […]

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January 2016 Calendar

What to Do in January

Gear up and promote UGotClass for the big February-April 2015 Early Spring session. 1. Make sure you offer our top five most popular certificates. 2. Get at least 10 UGotClass courses and certificates in your next print brochure. 3. List all of our courses and certificates on your website. 4. Make sure you have online […]

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January Best to Promote UGotClass to Business

With many organizations starting their fiscal year on Jan. 1, this month is a great time to promote UGotClass to companies and large organizations in your area. Here’s what successful Partners do: 1. Send a flyer, with a letter or short note, to HR directors in 15-25 of the largest organizations in your area.  Include […]

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100 Partners Lower Their LERN Dues!

A new LERN membership structure was announced at the big LERN annual conference last month that actually lowers dues for UGotClass Partners for FY17.  Already 100 UGotClass Partners have qualified for the lower dues by generating 7 registrations or more in 2015. It’s not too late. You can qualify by generating 7 registrations for the […]

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Best UGC Partner Meeting

Partners Meet in New Orleans

New and successful Partners met for the annual UGotClass briefing at the big LERN annual conference in New Orleans.  Meeting in the LERN Suite, the Partners provided ideas and feedback, plus heard of new plans for 2016 for UGotClass. Then they celebrated the UGotClass year, with registrations up a whopping 30 percent, with a chocolate […]

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Lumens Integration with UGotClass Celebrated

At the big LERN conference in New Orleans, Lumens and UGotClass celebrated the integration of UGotClass into the Lumens registration system.  The integration will make it really simple for Lumens users to promote and register UGotClass participants. Photo: From left, Sherry Kuehn of West Virginia University, a Lumens user and UGotClass Partner; Marie Price of […]

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Coming in the Mail: Your 2016 UGotClass Goal

The year 2015 was our most successful year ever.  Now we want you to be even more successful in 2016.  And we want you to qualify for our new LERN Reward Level/UGotClass membership and reduce (yes, lower) your dues. So we are mailing out your 2016 UGotClass registration target for your program.  Look for the […]

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Check Your Mailbox!

All of our Partners will be receiving a 2016 Course Catalog – hot off the presses!  Read course descriptions for all of our courses, including our 13 new programs. We have a few testimonials, photos, course schedules, and great information about why you should make UGotClass and LERN your primary online course provider!

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Top Partner Wins Award Today

The University of Richmond School for Professional and Continuing Studies wins an International Award today for creating a separate web page on their site for some of the most popular UGotClass certificates. What we’ve found is that our top certificates have a lifespan of five years or so. So you only have to create the […]

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