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Bringing Us All Together

If you have not seen an invitation to join our Partner classroom come into your email yet, stay tuned!  Over the next week, we’ll be adding each of our partners to join a brand new online classroom. We’ve added all kinds of great information including course schedules, information about our administrative site, marketing samples, and […]

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What To Do in November

Gear up and promote UGotClass for the big February-April 2016 early spring session. Courses run every month for 10 months, so now’s the time to promote. 1. Offer all of our 10 most profitable certificates. 2. Get at least 10 UGotClass course descriptions in your next print brochure. 3. List most, if not all, of […]

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Looking for Teachers

We’re looking for teachers for these new courses: -Website Design -Website Management -Sales -Basic Coding If you know of someone who might be interested, please email Leslie at .  Help make more money for your program. Photo: Our latest new teacher, Joyce Odidison of Winnipeg, Canada. Photo: Our latest new teacher, Joyce Odidison of Winnipeg, […]

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3-D Printing Webinar a Big Hit

People from 33 UGotClass Partner organizations got a treat with their free webinar on 3-D Printing presented by the instructors for our new courses on 3-D Printing, which premiere in February. “More” the participants screamed afterwards.  So look for more free webinars featuring your UGotClass teachers coming in 2016. Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron mixed […]

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Your Teachers Chat it Up

Holy cow – UGotClass teachers are talkative!  And your students love it. During October, your UGotClass teachers made a total of 1,693 comments, an average of 11 comments a week. They logged into their online classrooms an average of 26 times during the month or 6.6 times per week.

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HorvathCameron Crop

Free Webinar On 3-D Printing

If your program generated one or more registrations for UGotClass during 2015, you get a free webinar on 3-D Printing!  The regular fee is $110, but you get it Free. Register by emailing Kayla at (more…)

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November, December Calendar

2015 Isn’t Over Yet!

This week marks the start of our November courses for 2015, but that doesn’t mean that we’re ready to end the year!  November, December, and January are great months to work with us to update your course offerings, make sure that your contact information is up-to date in our system, and to reevaluate your UGotClass […]

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Top Partners

Top Partners Say Survey Students

Top Partners are giving the OK for LERN to survey students, as long as it is done within the class.  LERN has been sensitive to the wishes of partners in communicating with students. Here are the chief recommendations Top Partners provided to UGotClass for new initiatives in 2016, made in a conference call this month: […]

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Don’t forget about K-12 Teachers

Don’t forget about K-12 Teachers

Many of our UGotClass partners forget to market courses to the people who would be most excited about them!  Public school teachers in most areas are required to take continuing education courses annually to maintain their licensure.  UGotClass offers a number of unique, interesting, and educational courses for K-12 Teachers at a much lower cost […]

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