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What to do in July

Think Fall! Y/our first or second biggest UGotClass registration session of the year. 1.Create a web page on your site just for our Certificate in Data Analysis. This hot certificate will remain popular for 2-3 years, or more. Later this summer, make webpages for our top 5, but start small with our #1 pick! Boost […]

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UGC 101 Blog Header - When LERN Staff Take Your Registrations

UGC 101: What happens when LERN Staff takes my registrations?

If you are unable to take registrations for UGotClass courses through your own system, we’re happy to help you out!  We will make online registration available on your UGotClass Custom Weblink so that students have the option to register online or by phone. When a student registers online, a confirmation email is sent to both […]

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Success from the Start! FREE UGotClass Webinar

  Success From the Start! Thursday, July 14th    1pm CT Come hear our top recommendations for how to get off to a good start with UGotClass. We will be sharing information on marketing, frequent student questions, and general resources that everyone should know about.  All partners are welcome, the presentation will be valuable to anyone! Even […]

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Exploring the Admin Site: FREE UGotClass Webinar

Exploring The UGotClass Administrative Site  Tuesday, July 12th   1pm CT Did you know that you have access to check your students’ progress, view all of your registration data, and register new students into our system through our Administrative Software? Join us for a 15 minute overview as we demonstrate all of the features available to […]

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Two UGotClass Webinars Next Month

We have two free webinars for our UGotClass partners coming up in July. Both webinars will be recorded, and the link to view the archived recording will be sent to all registrants, so feel free to register even if you won’t be able to watch live. Exploring The UGotClass Administrative Site  Tuesday, July 12th   1pm […]

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Dr. Kate Webster is a nationally known expert, professional speaker, and author in the area of effective communication and empowered leadership. We are excited to welcome her to the UGotClass team.

Upcoming Changes for Fall 2016

Thank you for being a UGotClass partner. Please review the changes below to ensure that you and your colleagues have the most up to date information available. Course Schedule Changes Mastering Microsoft Excel will now be offered in September instead of October to fit with the other courses in the Certificate in Microsoft Excel. Title […]

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When students log in during the final week, the green "Evaluate Course" button appears at the top of their welcome page.

More Satisfied Students Share their Experiences

During the final week of class, students are invited to take a survey of their course. This survey is optional, and students have the option to remain anonymous to promote honest and frank feedback.  We simply ask them whether they are satisfied, and then allow them a chance to type in any feedback they’d like […]

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101_tech supprt

UGC 101: Student Technical Support

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where students will need technical support.  Fortunately, these instances are very rare, and can almost always be resolved within minutes!  UGotClass staff are available to assist students with anything they may need, but sometimes students may reach out to you for guidance instead of us. Of course you can always refer these students […]

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101_transfer refund

UGC 101: Transfer and Refund Policy

At any point before, during or even after the course is over, your students can transfer into the next offering of the same course at no additional cost. Things come up. There’s work, health, family. We understand. No questions asked. No forms to fill out. No student is ever turned down. Hundreds of UGotClass students […]

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UGC 101 Blog Header - Your Print Brochure

UGC 101: Your Print Brochure

Some 70% of your students decide to register after looking at your print brochure, so it’s important to make sure you get it right. Here are the top suggestions that we have for you when you are adding UGotClass courses to your print brochure. Run course descriptions and logistics. This is critical. Include course descriptions just […]

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