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Moses Wolfenstein, a game designer who speaks at national conferences on the subject, will teach “Introduction to Game Design” starting in February.

Nationally-known experts to teach

Outstanding experts recognized nationally in their fields will teach Hot!  New courses and certificate programs premiering in early 2016. Your new teachers include: -The top 3-D Printing authors,  according to Amazon -Game design conference speaker and teacher -Creator of Canada’s premier Wellness Coaching training program -Journalist of the Year, Public Relations Society of America UGotClass […]

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What to Do in September

1.Increase by two pages the space devoted to UGotClass certificates in your next print brochure. 2. Run course descriptions for UGotClass certificates and courses in your next print brochure. 3. Email your customers about our courses in October and November. 4. Email anyone who has taken a single course that is now part of a […]

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Joyce Odidison, creator of Canada’s premier Wellness Coaching training program, will teach “Collaborative Management” starting in 2016.

Promote These Hot! New 2016 Courses

Introduction to Game Design, 3-D Printing, and Collaborative Management are three of the nine hot new courses premiering in early 2016. Start promoting these hot new topics for the workplace now. Our new courses and certificates for 2016 were sent to UGotClass Partners this week by Leslie Kowalczyk, UGotClass Administrative and Customer Service Manager. If […]

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New 2016 Certificates Announced!

Continuing to build our curriculum of the 21st century, three new certificates will premiere in February: -Certificate in Business Writing -Certificate in Google Tools -Certificate in Office Operations See all of the new UGotClass Courses for 2016.

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September Registrations Pouring In

As of today, September 2015 registrations are Up 20 percent over September last year. Keep registering people for September through Friday, Sept. 11, at least.  Last year we had 26 of your students wanting to register for September courses in the second week of classes. We’ll take them!

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UGC Mobile Presentations

Mobile-friendly presentations coming soon!

We take our student feedback very seriously—that’s why we have a satisfaction rating of 96 percent for our courses. Your students have been asking us to make the classrooms more mobile-friendly, and we’re pleased to announce the audio presentations with slides will be mobile-friendly soon. We are currently in the process of making our course […]

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What to do in August

1. Make sure your online registration links for UGotClass offerings are updated. 2. Update your website copy for UGotClass with new dates for Fall. 3. For the first six months of offering any of our classes or Certificates, put “New!” before the title. 4. Pick a UGotClass video and ask us to customize the action […]

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Melissa Meyer's new course on Business Law for Non-Lawyers premieres this month.

Exciting new classes start!

Building of the 21st Century Curriculum is taking another big step starting next month. Exciting new classes and certificates are premiering in September and continuing through April.  For starters, three new certificates and eight new courses premiere this fall. New Certificates    These new certificates start this month, adding to our curriculum: -Certificate in Accounting […]

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Top 5 testimonials

From your student comments this summer, here are the top five testimonials: #5. “Fantastic, I enjoyed every minute of it.” Markel Thomas, Columbus, GA, Certificate in Data Analysis #4. “The entire three-month series was great. I learned skills I can use on the job and in life.” Brenda Summers, Auburn, WA, Certificate in Data Analysis […]

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Monarch and Raspberries

August marks one year of records

August set a month-to-month registration record, making it 10 consecutive months with monthly registration records.  It is the first time in UGotClass history for a whole year of monthly records. UGotClass income for LERN set a new record for FY15 ending on June 30.  UGotClass is now LERN’s third biggest income division, behind Membership and […]

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