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Dr. Kate Webster is a nationally known expert, professional speaker, and author in the area of effective communication and empowered leadership. We are excited to welcome her to the UGotClass team.

Upcoming Changes for Fall 2016

Thank you for being a UGotClass partner. Please review the changes below to ensure that you and your colleagues have the most up to date information available. Course Schedule Changes Mastering Microsoft Excel will now be offered in September instead of October to fit with the other courses in the Certificate in Microsoft Excel. Title […]

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When students log in during the final week, the green "Evaluate Course" button appears at the top of their welcome page.

More Satisfied Students Share their Experiences

During the final week of class, students are invited to take a survey of their course. This survey is optional, and students have the option to remain anonymous to promote honest and frank feedback.  We simply ask them whether they are satisfied, and then allow them a chance to type in any feedback they’d like […]

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101_tech supprt

UGC 101: Student Technical Support

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where students will need technical support.  Fortunately, these instances are very rare, and can almost always be resolved within minutes!  UGotClass staff are available to assist students with anything they may need, but sometimes students may reach out to you for guidance instead of us. Of course you can always refer these students […]

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101_transfer refund

UGC 101: Transfer and Refund Policy

At any point before, during or even after the course is over, your students can transfer into the next offering of the same course at no additional cost. Things come up. There’s work, health, family. We understand. No questions asked. No forms to fill out. No student is ever turned down. Hundreds of UGotClass students […]

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UGC 101 Blog Header - Your Print Brochure

UGC 101: Your Print Brochure

Some 70% of your students decide to register after looking at your print brochure, so it’s important to make sure you get it right. Here are the top suggestions that we have for you when you are adding UGotClass courses to your print brochure. Run course descriptions and logistics. This is critical. Include course descriptions just […]

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UGC 101 Blog Header - Selecting UGotClass Courses

UGC 101: Selecting UGotClass Courses

Ultimately, offering more courses makes your program look more robust and will bring in a wider variety of students.  Incorporating UGotClass courses into your offerings is a no-brainer – it’s free for you to offer LERN’s high-quality online courses led by expert instructors! Here are our recommendations and guidelines for picking what UGotClass courses and Certificates […]

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101_admin software

UGC 101: The UGotClass Administrative Website

Upon receipt of your signed Partner Agreement, we will add you as a Partner in our administrative software. The primary contact at each organization is granted access to use several functions of our administrative site. Please note that we are only able to provide access with one email address per organization, but you are welcome […]

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Students use this toolbar to navigate between the different areas of the classroom.

UGC 101: The UGotClass Classroom

Our UGotClass classroom was custom built for LERN with the best practices in online learning and teaching in mind.  We incorporate content, collaboration, and assessment into all of our courses.  Our courses are all asynchronous, meaning that the students do not need to log in at any specific time during the day to meet with their […]

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Your customized UGotClass weblink contains the phone number and email address that students should contact if they ready to register or have questions about any of the courses or certificates.

UGotClass 101: Your Customized Weblink

We create customized UGotClass weblinks for our partners that contain their logo, registration contact information, and chosen course offerings so that you can access the full descriptions, weekly agendas, course objectives, learning outcomes, and instructor biographies for each of our courses.  If you are unsure of your organization’s URL, just ask! In case you are […]

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101_first reg

UGC 101: Your First Registration

Congratulations on your first UGotClass registration! Here are our recommendations on how to best handle these registrations to make sure your students (and your staff) all know what to do next. Send A Confirmation Email. Make sure to let your student know that their classroom invitation will be sent on the Wednesday before the course […]

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