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The University of Richmond brought in more registrations than any other partner in 2015.

How are other Partners doing that? – Blended Certificates

Although UGotClass courses are fully online, you’re welcome to use our courses as part of a certificate program that you develop within your department.  Certificates are becoming a very popular way for students to show employers (and future employers) that they’ve dedicated time to learning a new skill.  By creating your own certificates, you are creating a standard […]

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A partner used this advertisement in their print brochure and didn't receive  a single registration.

How are other Partners doing that? – The Print Brochure

We know that your students love to receive a brochure by mail from you.  Up to 70% of your students decide to register after looking at your print brochure, so it’s important to make sure you get it right.  Here are the top suggestions that we have for you when you are adding UGotClass courses to your […]

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April is another record-breaking month for UGotClass staff and partners! We hope you and your staff are celebrating these numbers too!

More Records Broken with April Registrations

This month, there are 79 UGotClass courses being taught by 51 different instructors.  Right now, our partners have brought in 841 registrations for April courses alone!  This HUGE number helps us break more UGotClass records. April Monthly Registrations: Last year, we set a record with 608 registrations.  We’re so excited to break this number by over 120 […]

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Free Webinar: What’s Hot with UGotClass Online Classes

Wednesday, April 20th 1 pm CT In conjunction with Augusoft Lumens, LERN President and UGotClass Founder, Bill Draves, will be presenting a webinar on what’s new with UGotClass and answering all of your questions.  Even if you aren’t using Lumens, you’ll still find some valuable information in this webinar.  Existing UGotClass Partners, Potential Partners, and […]

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Make sure your front line staff know enough about UGotClass to answer potential students' questions.

The Most Common UGotClass Student Questions – Answered!

New LERN recommendations state that your front line staff should be able to answer about 90% of student questions. You and your students are always welcome to contact UGotClass staff with questions at any time; however, it is rare that students need any type of technical support from us. Here are answers to some of […]

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Your Students’ Top 5 Favorite Things About UGotClass

1. They can learn anywhere, anytime!  Our convenient online classroom can be accessed from any internet connected device. “It was a great way to learn, at my pace, with a busy schedule. Great for working moms!” –Erinn Hirrlinger, Rockville, MD 2.  Their instructors are experts who are passionate about their subjects, and we provide all […]

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Tonya D. Wright is an accomplished web designer and programmer with 15 years of experience in web design and leading teams developing new media marketing. She served as senior graphic designer for Habitat for Humanity International, and is currently Manager of Digital Development Services for Columbus State University.  Ms. Wright is also a corporate training consultant and directs a virtual team of multimedia developers, video producers, and graphic designers for a variety of consulting projects for her own design firm.

Make ‘Web Design’ The Next Big Hit

Web Design was your top pick for new courses starting this fall. We are delighted to announce we have a terrific teacher, referred to us by Susan Wirt at Columbus State University.  Tonya D. Wright is an accomplished web designer and programmer with 15 years of experience in web design and leading teams developing new […]

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Cherry Blossom Tree Close-Up

What To Do in April

1.Print. Get UGotClass certificates in your next print brochure. Include our top 10 certificates with descriptions. Sept-Nov is one of (y)our top 2 sessions for registrations. 2.Web Design. Get ‘Web Design’ promotion in your print brochure, web site, and email. If registrations for the Fall session of this course are high, we’ll move to make […]

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We're so excited about all of these record-breaking registrations coming in.

Records Blasted in March 2016

This month, we had 595 student registrations! This number helped us shatter 2 more UGotClass monthly records, so we’ve now had 14 straight months of record-breaking enrollment numbers. New February-March Session Record: 1,295 Registrations.  This beats out the record we set last year by 24%! New March Monthly Record: 595 Registrations.  Our 2016 numbers were 14% […]

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Dr. Moses Wolfenstein

Last Chance – Game Design Webinar for UGotClass Partners

Webinar: An Introduction to Game Design Wednesday, March 16 2 pm ET; 1 pm CT; Noon MT; 11 am PT   Dr. Wolfenstein’s new course: Introduction to Game Design provides a general introduction to what goes into the design and development of both video and analog games, with a particular focus on the use of games […]

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