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Palo Alto Adult School wins LERN Award


Congratulations to the Palo Alto (CA) Adult School for their 2010 LERN Award-winning entry for Best Web Site. The new web site, which was launched in May 2009, includes excellent graphic and marketing elements using visitor-friendly tools and techniques.

See this and all the other 2010 Award winners at - you can steal their ideas for your program!

Course Trends magazine

If you are signed up to receive LERN’s Course Trendsmagazine, special issues for 2010 will be mailed (printed copies) quarterly, and additional issues will be provided in digital format. You will receive emails with the links for the digital issues, so watch for emails from LERN. If you have any questions about using the digital versions, please contact Nancy Hulverson at

You can also access PDF’s and links for all issues in the LERN Club under the Member Magazines link.

2010 Trends

Community education programs in public schools experienced the toughest time of most lifelong learning programs in 2009, and will continue to face challenges in 2010. School district leaders need to understandthat community education participants vote for referendums at a much higher rate than the general public, and that community education is critical for overall support of public schools. Ask LERN for information on this important topic. Community education programs often are small, and thus more apt to lack resources for software, sophisticated marketing, and streamlined operations.

As Americans continue to deal with the recession, the mantra of frugality continues to be a way of life in the U.S. The call to thrift is echoing beyond foreclosed homes and growing unemployment lines. For tasks such as home maintenance, sewing and gardening, people across the nation increasingly are taking cost-savings measures into their own hands. LERN has been providing information on courses that follow this trend.

Programs offer courses on being frugal both in the work place and at home. And programs are looking at their own expenses and being more frugal in their own expenditures. Maintaining a successful program, and even prospering at a lower level of income may be a strategy and reality moving through 2010 and beyond.

Here’s what LERN Members
are telling us:

“Thank you so much. Your critique was very thorough & you offered a lot of recommendations I think we can definitely incorporate into our catalog. This was a huge help!” 
- Carrie Smith,
North East Independent School District, San Antonio TX
“I have attended three of LERN’s annual conferences, several local seminars, and followed your marketing and staff restructuring plans. I read your Course Trends and LERN magazines faithfully, and have taken advantage of your membership services such as the free Webinars, catalog critiques, market segment analysis, and carrier route analysis. We’ve put all of this information to work, and the result is that our program is doing better than it ever has in our 25-year history. Your ideas really work! I give credit to LERN for our current success and want to thank you for being there.” 
- Shere Holleman,
Boulder Valley Schools (CO), Lifelong Learning Program Manager
Print Brochures still under attack

Programs continue to hurt themselves dramatically by dropping their printed brochures. Enrollments and income drop by 20% to 50% when the brochure is dropped. With few exceptions, programs report consistently negative experiences with dropping the printed brochure. Yet, for perhaps the fifth straight year, institutional leaders continue to pressure community education and lifelong learning program heads to drop the print brochure. LERN continues to provide the evidence that keeping the printed brochure is critical.

LERN Member Benefits

LERN has been expanding your membership benefits regularly. Some of the things that were added in 2009 included the Next Course report as part of LERN Software analysis tools, the eMarketing Gallery in the LERN Club, and special reports on Social Networking.

In 2010, we have plans to introduce MORE new benefits including software for Digital Brochures, a Photo Gallery of images to use in your brochures and on your web sites, and more. Your ROI for LERN membership goes up every year!

If you have not taken advantage of some of LERN’s most popular membership benefits, considering doing so now – they are FREE for LERN members. Here are some of the highlights:

Critiques – LERN will provide a comprehensive critique of your program brochure, web site or eNewsletter.
Software Analysis Tools - With LERN’s FREE analysis tools, you can discover your primary Market Segments, whichCarrier Routesgive you the best ROI on your promotions, and see which Next Coursesyour students are most likely to want. Maximize ROI with the right promotions to the right people!
Webinars – LERN offers webinars ON DEMAND - attend live presentation or access recorded version on demand at your convenience! Some are FREE and other offer significant discounts for LERN members. Check out the LERN home page at under Webinars to see what’s coming up!
FREE Consulting services – a LERN member, you have access to complimentary email and phone consulting. Just let Nancy you are interested and she will arrange a phone appointment to discuss your needs.
Have questions about your membership benefits? Contact Nancy Hulverson at today! She will be happy to help you.
“Thanks for both the brochure and website reviews. I will be sharing both with folks here, and hopefully get some improvements started. Many of the recommendations are ones that I have been trying to push, so now that it comes from "official experts" we may get there! Thanks again!”
- Virginia Giaramita,
M.S., Supervisor,
Adult and Community Education, Flagler County (FL) Schools

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