Lisa Beytien-Carlson

Breaking News! New Best Customers Discovered

You may have two different lists of Best Customers, a LERN member has just discovered.  Lisa Beytien-Carlson, Communications Coordinator, Community Education, District 196, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan, Minnesota, found this new marketing benchmark in working with LERN on an analysis of a second mailing of the print brochure to her Best Customers. Check out the full story […]

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A Connected Leader Reaps Benefits

The most successful lifelong learning leaders are visionaries and do not get too immersed in the day-to-day. Kim Becicka, Vice President of the Continuing Education & Training Services (CETS) Division at Kirkwood Community College sits on the President’s Council with other Kirkwood Community College leaders and thus receives the same level of respect and attention. […]

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Gen Y Likes Roundtables

“I like to hear from other colleagues and learn from them,” says Gen Y LER member Srdjan Golub of Waterloo, Iowa. He’s not alone. “Gen Y likes the informal learning nature of roundtable discussions,” says generational learning style expert Julie Coates.  “They like to drop in, see if the discussion is of interest to them, […]

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Transfer only 10% of calls

Even though online registration has reduced the number of phone calls your program may receive, every phone call is a potential customer.  Communication with customers requires an ‘A1, Second to None’ frontline customer staff, says LERN consultant Greg Marsello, who does Program Reviews all over North America every week. Your frontline staff both 1) can […]

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Exciting New Webinars Planned

From content marketing for contract training to improving operations, LERN has many exciting new webinars planned for the months ahead. 10 Reasons you should keep your print brochure, 2 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. CT/ Noon MT/ 11 a.m. CT, Wednesday, April 13 Keys to effective brochure distribution, Monday, April 25 2 p.m. ET/1 p.m. CT/Noon […]

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Create Internal Tools

Create internal software tools to aggregate and tabulate data into easily analyzed reports, say the staff at District 728 Community Education in Elk River, Minnesota. The staff took to heart the best practice training taught by LERN Senior Consultant Fred Bayley in LERN’s  Program Management Institute offered online. Bayley shared the importance of data-driven decision […]

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Round Table Discussions Wanted for 2016 LERN Annual Conference

If you would like to moderate a roundtable discussion on the topic of your choice at the big LERN annual conference in Baltimore you’re in luck! There will be more round-table discussions at the 2016 LERN Annual Conference, Nov. 17-19 in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Learn from your colleagues, pick your topics. Plus, you can initiate […]

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Spring Productivity Tip

Have more one on one meetings, and fewer group meetings, says Dion Theissen in our spring UGotClass on New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity and Time Management. “I already have these meetings I’m just going to have them more often,” reports Dion, who is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. For many decisions and topics, meeting with just […]

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Are You a Socialist?

Take our NineShift quiz and find out.  Then discover why this spring’s progressive movement in the United States, and maybe Canada, has huge implications for your program. Just click here to get unique information and coverage of the progressive movement going on now. Progressives were active 100 years ago, in 1916, as well, and for […]

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Big Mistake: Don’t Kill Reg Form

Don’t give up your registration form.  Unless you want registrations to go down.  Both Paul Franklin and Julie Coates say the evidence is that dropping your registration form reduces your registrations and income. Franklin is a direct marketing expert specializing in analyzing print brochures and catalogs.  Coates is LERN’s top lifelong learning program brochure expert. […]

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