Beyond Your Logo: Creating your brand

Creating a brand identity involves multiple components and levels of communication with your customers and prospective customers. Often; however, lifelong learning programs confuse the symbols of their brand for their brand itself. Your brand is not your logo or your brochure design or your tagline. These are communicators of your brand, but your brand is […]

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Can you survive without LERN?

Can your program survive without LERN? The Senior LERN leadership and Board of Directors say ‘No’. Not just another association, LERN members report 12 percent higher registrations, an ROI of 10:1 on your investment in LERN, record conference attendance, and benchmarks and information not available anywhere else. With LERN being in the first year of […]

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Another Record for UGotClass

You set another registration record for UGotClass, with July registrations Up over July of last year. It is the 11th straight month of Month-to-Month records. June racked up a whopping 545 of your students registered for a UGotClass course. June registrations were up a whopping 34 percent over June of last year. Thanks to LERN […]

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Improve the way you market your contract training program

Discover the 10 ways you should be marketing your contract training program to increase sales and ROI. In this webinar, you’ll take away easy yet effective tips to grow your program that you can start implementing immediately. The webinar is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. CT/ Noon MT/ 11 a.m. PT on Tuesday, […]

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New Learner Competencies Proposed

New learner competencies and attributes are so integral to your program that Senior LERN Leaders meeting in Tucson this spring are recommending LERN create a set of new learner competencies and attributes for use by your program. Those new competencies would include skills to train your teachers and staff on how to use and integrate […]

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Your Top Leaders

Here’s your Senior LERN Leadership for 2015. They are your 30 top leaders, LERN members who are also some of the top practitioners with some of the most successful lifelong learning programs in North America. The group meets twice a year. Each fall, they meet with other LERN leaders at the LERN Leader Retreat the […]

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Digital or Paper Planner?

Are digital or paper planners better for increasing productivity and time management? The answer is both, it seems, according to participants in our recent UGotClass on “New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity and Time Management.” With participants from a variety of occupations and work situations, the course is one of most popular courses for LERN […]

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Jared Campbell

Motivating Digital Learners

“Instant feedback is one of the big items that students want,” says teacher Jared Campbell of Melbourne, Florida. Campbell, one of our SuperStar presenters for the big LERN annual conference in New Orleans, Dec. 2-5, will speak on Motivating Digital Natives. He will demonstrate how to use text messaging in class to involve your participants. […]

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Youth Strong Focus

Youth programming and summer camps are a strong part of lifelong learning programming, according to an exclusive new survey by LERN. A whopping 854 LERN members responded to the survey asking for your focus of programming. The results were tabulated by these institutional settings: -Parks and Recreation -Community education in Public Schools -Continuing education in […]

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Friends cheating, whispering to each other during exam in college.

Cheating doesn’t exist anymore

Saying that “cheating doesn’t exist anymore” in learning, Senior LERN Leaders meeting in Tucson are proposing LERN create 21st-century competencies and attributes for your program’s students and customers. The demise of cheating is one example of new learning skills for the new economy, with collaborative learning being shown to be more productive than individualized study […]

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