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The State of Lifelong Learning for 2016

Overall, the field is moderately healthy and stable. The field is leading professional development for society and the primary player in the quality of life people enjoy. First released at the big LERN annual conference last month, here’s more. The photo is of LERN Information Specialist Tammy Peterson at our Member Services Desk giving information […]

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Top 7 Promotion Ideas for 2016

Here’s our list of all-new top promotion ideas for 2016. Separately, there are a number of best marketing practices that every program should be following for success. For that list, check out the LERN Club or email info@lern.org for our list of the 20 Best All Time Marketing Practices. Now, from the packed standing-room-only session […]

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Nine Shift 2016 Predictions

Three all-new 2016 predictions, plus four others that are close to coming true, were announced at the jam-packed Nine Shift presentation at the big LERN annual conference last month. Check out the NineShift blog all this month for more information on each one.  Plus, during the week of Jan 19-25, check out the blog for […]

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Boomers Now Smallest Generation

January 2016 marks the first month of the first year in which the Baby Boomer generation is now the smallest generation in the workplace. Just 24 months ago Boomers were the largest generation in the workforce.  But 2016 marks the first year in which Gen Y is now the largest generation in the workforce. Last […]

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Top Stories of 2015

The Year 2015 was the first year when, like a river, the Knowledge Society of the 21st Century rushed forward, unstoppable as gravity.  Like boulders in the river, not everything moving forward will be smooth, but society will navigate those boulders as we quickly discard the Industrial Age of the last century. Our annual Nine […]

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Keep Your Registration Form

“Don’t give up your registration form,” direct marketing expert Paul Franklin told a standing-room only crowd during a session on the best promotion ideas of the year. The evidence from the direct marketing business is that dropping your registration form reduces your registrations and income potential. He says already 10 percent of lifelong learning programs […]

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Brilliant! New Teaching Model Introduced

 In a pioneering and historic keynote, internationally renowned educator Diana Laurillard from London, England introduced – – for the first time ever – – a new learning and teaching model for the 21st century.  Her keynote was called brilliant by LERN leaders. “Teaching is not rocket science – – it’s much harder than that,” said […]

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New Lifelong Learning Program Assessment Tool Now Available

Winning lifelong learning programs evaluate their performance yearly and work on improving areas of weakness. LERN’s brand new Lifelong Learning Program Assessment Tool covers key lifelong learning areas such as finances, marketing, data, and much more. The new Lifelong Learning Program Assessment Tool: Covers key lifelong learning areas such as finances, marketing, data, and much […]

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LERN Denton ISD Award

New Grading Policy Wins Award

For its new grading policy that reinforces students’ efforts to learn instead of penalizing them for needing extra time, the Denton Independent School District of Denton, Texas, received an International Award in education from the Learning Resources Network (LERN), a national education association and the largest lifelong learning association in the world. “The Denton school […]

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New This Year

Here are the Top 10 new things at the big LERN annual conference this year: New Session Format Coming for Gen X and Gen Y With Gen X and Gen Y the majority of participants for the first time in LERN history, the conference initiated an advisory task force to redesign the conference for younger […]

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